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Our Site Map includes web pages found on Kilduffs.Com and Kilduffs.Net. These are completely different web sites but much of the information found on one site will be found repeated on the other. is the older website with large images and a nice look to it ( in my opinion at least ) , but after years of working on it, it’s gotten difficult to edit and so we moved onto the new site, Kilduff’s Net .
Kilduff’s Net is slowly getting all the information from the old site. One big difference is the Maryland Trains Pages are all on Kilduff’s net, while much of the Movie Theatre Information is still on Kilduffs.Com . There’s also alot of information and images to move.

Amusements Parks – Older ones in Maryland

Armory Buildings – Older ones in Maryland–  Kilduffs.Com Site
Older Maryland Airports –  Kilduffs.Com Site

Baltimore Beer History –  Kilduffs .Com Page
Baltimore Bridge HistoryKilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Buildings – Older ones of Site
Baltimore Car Dealer History – 1900 to 1980 – Kilduffs.Com Site 
Baltimore Churches –  Kilduffs .Com Site
Old Baltimore City Fire Houses
  Kilduffs .Com Site
Baltimore Clubs Kilduffs.Com Site 
Baltimore DinersKilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Harbor – Before it was the ” Inner Harbor  Kilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Hospitals – Kilduffs.Com Site 
Baltimore Hotels  – Kilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Markets –  Kilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Houses – RowhousesKilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Media – Kilduffs.Com Site
Baltimore Monuments Kilduffs.Com Site
Rt 1 – Through Maryland – Kilduffs.Com Site 
Rt 40 – Through MarylandKilduffs.Com Site 

The original Kilduff’ site is the only site I left as a basic HTML site. As cell phones and tablets have taken over in the past few years, I have been trying to work on WordPress with the other sites. One  problem  I have  with  the  older  site  is  it’s  difficult  to  edit,  and doesn’t always load correctly, so we introduced Kilduffs.Net, our  streamlined  version  of  Kilduffs.Com.  Our  Index,always  under  Construction  is  under Kilduffs.Org.  In 2016, we started our latest adventure, PeterDPaul, our tribute  to  my  dad ,PeterDPaul.  Here’s  just  a sample  with  Maryland  Main  Street  Postcards.

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