Baltimore Bridges

Baltimore City has plenty of old bridges, many of which are still standing and still being used for  traffic.  We are working to bring the Kilduff’ page over to the streamlined page, but many of the images we have posted have been found to be too small. Therefore, we are working to gather full size images for the page, which is taking a while.

My favorite Baltimore Bridge has to be the Hanover Street Bridge, that connection from the mainland to South Baltimore..

While it is a great looking bridge, the ride over it has gotten a bit bumpy over the years. Update – They resurfaced the bridge recently and it’s nice and smooth.

Baltimore’s Orleans Street Viaduct is another bridge Baltimore could not do without. I could only imagine the downtown Baltimore traffic if it wasn’t for this cut thru from East to West Baltimore.

When it was first opened, it wen by the name of the Bath Street Viaduct, but that name was soon changed to the Orleans Street Viaduct.

West Baltimore has a few very nice old bridges, although over the years it’s hard to tell you’re even on a bridge these days.

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