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Salisbury Maryland’s  Union Station
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Kilduffs.com started as a website for old Baltimore Area Movie Theatres, built between 1900 and 1950. We started the website back in 2002  and the website was photo-based, and more or less had several photos of each old Baltimore Area movie theatre and the status of each. Over the years we have added many different subjects and now encompass the entire State of Maryland. |

The original Kilduff’s.com site is the only site I left as a basic HTML site. As cell phones and tablets have taken over in the past few years, I have been trying to work on WordPress with the other sites. One  problem  I have  with  the  older  site  is  it’s  difficult  to  edit,  and doesn’t always load correctly, so we introduced Kilduffs.Net,our  streamlined  version  of  Kilduffs.Com.  Our  Index,always  under  Construction  is  under Kilduffs.Org.  In 2016, we started our latest adventure, PeterDPaul, our tribute  to  my  dad,PeterDPaul.  Here’s  just  a sample  with  Maryland  Main  Street  Postcards.Baltimore’s Harbor Field – Now Dundalk Marine Terminal
Finally, check out our first attempt for a National Interest website, PeterDPaul.com . We have combined the collection of drawings done by Peter Paul of American Cities in 3D style and added a large collection of old postcards showing Main Streets from the past 100 years.

Approach to Baltimore circa 1960’s

The best section of this site are the pages for Maryland train stations. We are working to identify every old train station in Maryland, and are looking for any old photos or postcards of each. 

Train Station – Pocomoke City, Maryland

We also have plenty of photo’s of old Maryland Airports as well. Check out our index.

Ambassador Theatre – Baltimore City, Maryland

We have been actively bringing over much of the material from the original Kilduffs.Com site to Kilduffs.Net. As promised, the newer Net site will be with “shorter” presentation, but there will be a link to the other site on each page. There’s a lot to move, so please be patient.

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