Welcome to Kilduff’s.Net ( AKA KilduffsLite.Com )


Kilduffs.com started as a website for Baltimore Area Movie Theatres, back in 2002 The website was photo-based, and more or less had several photos of each old Baltimore  Area movie theatre and the status of each. Back when the website started,  server space was not like it is today, which accounts for the size of many images on the site. Believe it or not, you could only load so much material on the site before the company you posted with would warn you of a limit.

After several crashes of the website, we decided to add Kilduffs.net , which was a exact copy of Kilduffs.com, just on another server.  Soon after that, Kilduffs.Org followed. Over the years, we moved our websites to different servers, and have found that there was no longer a need to have three websites which were mirrors of each other. Two years ago, Kilduffs.org changed over to a WordPress website which was more of a Blog. On Kilduffs.Org, you can find what updates have been done on the site and just odd things we have found. Over the years, we have added the Kilduffs.Baltimore to the website, which added information on old Baltimore Airports, Diners, Churches, Car Dealerships, and Train Stations, just to name a few. We found that the more we drove around, the more material we found we had to add to the website. Over the past year, Kilduffs has focused it’s attention not just on Baltimore, but the entire State of Maryland. We have completed a complete listing of all Maryland movie theatres, and recently added Maryland State Armory Buildings ( the old ones ) , old Maryland bank buildings, and old Maryland train stations. But we also realize that people no longer view the website while sitting at a PC as much as they did ” back in the day”.  Therefore, to keep up with change, we present to you the new Kilduffs.Net. Check out Industrial Baltimore – new, only have A and B done so far.

I’m not as much as a computer savvy person as one might think. I used Netscape Composer for years, until it disappeared and have been using Seamonkey Composer for the Kilduffs.com pages. While it has it’s issues, I do like that it’s pretty straight forward and putting together the pages is fun and you can see what you are doing. WordPress is taking a little bit to get used to, so if you see odd looking pages, trust me, I’m aware of them but have to figure out how to get everything the way I want it. It’s not as easy as I thought it was going to

Finally, check out our first attempt for a National Interest website, PeterDPaul.com . We have combined the collection of drawings done by Peter Paul of American Cities in 3D style and added a large collection of old postcards showing Main Streets from the past 100 years.