Rt 40 , Traveling through Maryland


This section has grown quite a bit over the years, so please be patient. However, the original six Kilduffs.com pages are still up and running .



Kilduffs.com has six pages for the travel of Route 40 both East and West of Baltimore City. This, being a Kilduffs.net page, we plan to point out some of the more interesting sites. If you want the full dose, simply click our link here for the long version.

The focus for the Route 40 page had long been the Route 40 East section, known here as Pulaski Highway. In fact, we have five pages packed with photos and postcards from the East section of Route 40 alone. But as time as gone by, we have gathered quite a collection of the Route 40 West as well, which only has one page on the Kilduffs.com web site.

Our Route 40 East pages center around the area from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Once packed with motels and diners, the opening of Interstate 95 has brought a much quicker way to drive to Delaware and  North, and making the older route more of a local road into Town.

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