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I have just gotten back up and running. I’m still working out the little issues, but here’s an example of a post on there today :


   The old site ended up being replaced, so if there is a topic you saw on the old site, please let me know and I’ll ry to repost it. is the site where we post all our unusual information and those questions we have…….We’ll start with a few questions about Maryland train stations as seen on . If anyone has any information on the followng train stations, please let us know,

Whiteford Station – Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad – We hear that it has been moved to be rebuilt, but we can’t find it. Any information would be appreciated.
Glencoe Station – NCRR – We hear that the station was moved to White Hall, but we have yet to locate it. Again, any information wo
McDonough Station – WMRR – We found a picture of the old station from the 1970’s. Since then , we have no idea and the building of Interstate 795 is right where the station would have been. We heard rumors the statin had been moved, but we have yet to locate it.
Vienna Station – Eastern Shore – We have also heard rumors of the old Vienna Station being moved to Seaford Delaware. Anyone know any details on this ?
Trappe Station – Eastern Shore – There was a English Tudor style Station in Trappe around the “1900’s”. The Trappe station we have on our page is not this station. From what we read, the Station was later converted into a home. Anyone ?
Queen Anne – We have heard rumors of a Tudor Style Station in Queen Anne as well, but have found nothing.
Greensboro – Eastern Shore – The old Station in Greensboro seems to have been moved years ago, but we can’t find a trace..
Ironshire Station – Reportedly moved to a farm near Girdletree. We found the old Girdletree Freight Station, but not the Ironshore one, yet.
Worton Station – Upper Eastern Shore – Train Stations seem to get moved alot on the Eastern Shore. I’m not complaining at all, atleast they don’t tear them down but they can be hard to find.We heard it was a few miles North of Worton,but we checked twice and could not find it.
Lynch Station / Black Station  – We found a small station in the area, but have been told by different sources that the tiny building is either Lynch Station of Black Station. The station is in the area of Still Pond.

Any information would be appreciated at