Kilduff’s.Net Theatre Listing

Index of Maryland Movie Theatres ( This includes all Maryland counties. )
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Sources are the Film Daily Yearbook’s, Baltimore Street Guides, Arrow Street Guides, old newspaper ads, and of course Exit and  Motion Picture Exhibition in Baltimore by Dr. Robert Headley. For those of you from the D.C. area of Maryland, try “Motion Picture Exhibition in Washington D.C.”, by Dr. Headley and finally for a Maryland guide, “Maryland’s Motion Picture Theatres”. Dr. Headley’s books are a wealth of information regarding movie theatres in Maryland. For  African American Theatre Buildings, try the book by Eric Ledell Smith which covers the whole Country. His books mentioned a few theatres I had to further research and added to the list. The Sanborn Insurance maps are a great source, but are released in limited years so if a small theatre opens up and doesn’t survive long, it could be missed by us. The Film Daily Almanacs are also a great source, but we are missing a year or two in out collection, and we have found a few errors there as well. Old newspaper ads are a great source to show a theatre was operating in a certain year, but many theatres didn’t post ads or used other local advertising which we haven’t found.
For the Baltimore Maryland area, Kilduff’s is simply intended as a tour of the City and a look at the theatre buildings and locations of theatres between the years 1900 and 1950, and how they have fared throughout the years. It is amazing how many theatre buildings have survived the years, although very few are still used as movie theatres.



AacoBelair Avenue1920’s1970’sKilduffs.Net Aberdeen
Abbey Lane60 Dundalk Avenue1940’s1960’sKilduffs.NetDundalk
Academy :
Academy of Music
 46 West Washington St 1930’s1950’s Hagerstown
Academy of Music516 N.Howard St. 1870’s1920’sBaltimore City
Academy of Music1910’s1910’sCumberland
Academy of MusicDover & WashingtonEaston
Academy of MusicRt 1 & St George’sLaurel
Adam’s Floating Boat TheatreHome Port Baltimore
Traveled to Ports
19141941Home Port Baltimore -Visited Port Cities along Chesapeake Bay
Aero1417 Fuselage Ave1930’s1970’sMiddle River
Aldine 3310 E. Baltimore St.19311950Baltimore City
Aladdin932 West Baltimore St.1900’s1930’sBaltimore City
Alert526 Eastern Avenue1930’s1940’sEssex 
Allen6822 New Hampshire Ave1950’sTakoma Park
Alpine Main Street 1940’s 1950’sKitzmiller 
Alpha 725 Frederick Rd. 1920’s1960’sCatonsville  
Ambassador 4604 Liberty Hgts Ave. 1930’s 1960’sBaltimore City
American941 Penna Avenue1920’s1920’sBaltimore City
Anthony103 South Main St.1940’s1960’sTurner’s Station
Apex 110 S. Broadway 1940’s PresentBaltimore City
Apollo1500 Harford Rd1920’s1970’sBaltimore City
Arcade 5436 Harford Rd1920’s1980’sBaltimore City
Arcade 102-06 Race Street 1920’s1950’sCambridge 
Arcade300 W. Main Street1920’s1950’sCrisfield
Arcade 4318 Gallatin Street 1920’s1950’sHyattsville 
Arcade404 Somerset Avenue1950’sPrincess Anne
Arcade Main St @ St. Peters 1930’s 1950’sSalisbury 
Argonne924 South Sharp StreetBaltimore City
Argonne 5 Main Street 1920’sBelair 
Arlington5202 Park Hgts Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Arrow808 South 3rd Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Astor 613 Poplar Grove1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Aurora7 East North Avenue1910’s1970’sBaltimore City
Auditorium508 N. Howard Street19301939Baltimore City
AuditoriumSomerset Ave (&)
404 Main Street
1930’s1940’sPrincess Anne
Avalon 4300 Park Hgts Avenue1920’s1960’sBaltimore City
Avalon 3 South Harrison Street 1920’s1950’sEaston 
Avenue 1401 N Milton Ave 1910’s1930’s Baltimore City
Avon 3019 Hamilton Avenue 1910’s1950’s Baltimore City
Belair5 North Main St.1970’sBelair
Baltimore3205 Fiat Avenue1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Barton126 Church Street1950’s1950’sBarton
Beckwih’s Opera House512 2nd AveOakland
BeachWharf at Chesapeake Bay1920’s1950’sBetterton
BelcampPulaski Hwy & 5431950’s1950’sBelcamp
Belmar 6313 Belair Road1920’s1920’s Baltimore City
Belnord2706 Philadelphia Rd1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Belvidere313 Belvedere1910’s1920’s  Baltimore City
Belvedere139 Baltimore Street1920’s1920’sCumberland
Berman’s1 – 3 S. High Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Bethesda7719 Wisconsin Ave1940’s1950’sBethesda
Bethesda7414 Wisconsin  Ave19281977Bethesda
Biddle1235 East Biddle Street1940’s1970’sBaltimore City
Birnie Opera House1920’s1920’sTaneytown
Black Cat1204 West Baltimore St1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Blaney’s315 N. Eutaw Street1900’s1920’sBaltimore City
Blue Bell1713 Harford Rd1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Blue Mouse28 West Lexington St1900’s1920’sBaltimore City
Booker TAnnapolis
Booker T930 West Baltimore St1939Baltimore City
BooneMain Street1950’sBoonsboro
Boro7719 Wisconsin AveBethesda
Boulevard3302 Greenmount Ave1920’s1980’sBaltimore City
Boulevard317 East Main Street1950’sSalisbury
Bridge2108 (5)  Edmonston Av1920’s1930’sBaltimore City
Bridge2100 Edmonston Ave 1930’s1960’sBaltimore City
Broadway509 South Broadway1910’s1970’sBaltimore City
Broadway Garden1105 N.Broadway1920’s Baltimore City
Brodie 1118 Light St1900’s1950’s Baltimore City
Brooklyn 3720 S. Hanover St.1920’s1950’sBaltimore City
Bunny1225 Washington Blvd1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Busy MoonSouth Main Street1910’s1920’sBelair
ButlerSt. Inigoes
Calvert1940’sPrince Frederick
Capitol189 West Street1950’sAnnapolis
Capitol1518 West Baltimore St1920’s1960’sBaltimore City
Capitol6104 Central Avenue1920’s1950’sCapitol Hgts
Capitol133 Baltimore1920’s1950’sCumberland
Capitol16-17 Worcester1930’s1960’s+Ocean City
Cameo 4705 Harford Rd1920’s1940’s Baltimore City
Cameo3820 34th Street1920’s1950’sMount Rainer
Carey1422 North Carey Street1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Carlton1201 Dundalk Avenue1940’s1980’sDundalk
Carlton1930’s1950’sUnion Bridge
Carroll91 West Main Street1980’sWestminster
Casino1118 Light Street1900’s1950’sBaltimore City
Casino352 High Street19101931Brunswick
Casino301 Atlantic Ave1920’s1930’sOcean City
Centre10 East North Avenue1930’s1950’sBaltimore City
Centreville Opera House177-178 Commerce StCentreville
Century18 W Lexington St1920’s1950’sBaltimore City
Charles1700 North Charles StPresentBaltimore City
Chester1931 Baltimore City
Cheverly5400 Landover Rd1940’s1950’sCheverly
Churchill103 Walnut Street1920’s1950’sChurchill
Circle46 State Circle1920’s1970’sAnnapolis
City Opera House122 N. Market1920’s1950’sFrederick
Clay StreetClay StreetAnnapolis
Clifton316 South Broadway1900’s1920’s Baltimore City
Clover414 East Baltimore Street1910’s1939Baltimore City
Cluster303 South Broadway1910’s1970’sBaltimore City
Colgate1718 Dundalk Avenue1940’s1950’sBaltimore County
Colonial167 Conduit Street19031919Annapolis
Colonial1438 N.Gay St1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Colonial14 S. Potomac St.1920’s1950’sHagerstown
Colony8123 Harford Road1940’s1970’sBaltimore County
Columbia715 Washington Blvd1920’s1920’sBaltimore City
Columbia709 Washington Blvd1920’s1960’sBaltimore City
Comedy412 East Baltimore Street1900’s1940’s Baltimore City
CommunityHamilton and Harford1920’s Baltimore City
Community Club1930’s1940’sMarion Station
Community101-02 2nd Street1930’s1930’sRidgely
Coral4703 Marlboro Pike1940’sCoral Hills
Crescent1110 South Charles1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Crest5425 Reisterstown Rd1940’s1970’sBaltimore City
Crown756 Washington Blvd1900’s1950’sBaltimore City
Crystal528 North Gay Street1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Curtis921 Curtis Ave1920’sBaltimore City
D & LD&L Shopping Center1950’sSolomon’s Island
Dance Theatre100 East Monument St1920’s1930’sBaltimore City
Deluxe 1318 East Fort Ave1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
DentoniaMain Street & 2nd1920’s1950’sDenton Maryland
Devon134 Pratt Street1930’s1950’sLuke
Diane1429 Penna Avenue1930’s1970’sBaltimore City
Dixie312 East Baltimore Street1900’s1930’s Baltimore City
Dixie1950’sPocomoke City
Dream582 North Gay Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Druid9840 Main Street1940’s1990’sDamacus
Dunbar619 North Central Ave1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Eagle3610 Eastern Avenue1900’s1920’s Baltimore City
Earle4847 Belair Rd1930’s2009Baltimore City
Earle8059 Main Street1920’s1940’sEllicott City
Easton6 Washington StEaston
Echo124 East Fort Avenue1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
EdgemereEdgemere Maryland1940’s1960’sBaltimore County
Edgewood , Maryland1930’s1960’sEdgewood
Edgewood 3500 Edmondson Ave1930’s1960’sBaltimore City
Edmondson 2100 Edmondson Ave1910’s1930’sBaltimore City
Edmondson Drive InRoute 40 West1950’s1980’sBaltimore County
Edmondson Village4400 block Edmondson Avenue1940’s1970’sBaltimore City
ElectraEastern Avenue1930’s1930’sEssex
Elektra1039 North Gay Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Electric30-38 Market Sq.1910’s1910’sAnnapolis
ElectricEastern Avenue1930’s1930’sEssex
Elk223 North Street1940’s1950’sElkton
Ellicott8225 Main Street1940’s1970’sEllicott City
Elmore’s Hall1930’s1930’sFishing Creek
Embassy 415 East Baltimore St19311939Baltimore City
Embassy51-53 Baltimore1940’s1950’sCumberland
EmpireWest Franklin Street1939Baltimore City
EmpireBaltimore Street1910’s1920’sCumberland
Empire140 North Market StFrederick
Empire8 Alder1920’s1920’sOakland
EmpireMarket Street1930’sPocomoke City
Eureka West Saratoga Street1930 Baltimore City
Eureka404 South Fremont1900’s 1920’sBaltimore City
Europa1939Baltimore City
EvansPier1930’s1940’sSolomon’s Island
Excelsior1358 West North Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Fairmont105 North Clinton St1910’s1920’s Baltimore City
Fairyland624 North Chester Street1900’s1920’s Baltimore City
Family518 South Broadway1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Fayette2239 East Fayette St1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Federal115-17 N.Main St1830’s1950’sFederalsburg
“Fire Dept”Glen Burnie
Fireman’s Hall1920’s1930’sHurlock
Fireman’s Hall1950’s1950’sManchester
Firemen’s Hall1930’sRising Sun
( Flagg )
1318 East Fort Street1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Flaming Arrow1108 East Preston St1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Floating Boat TheaterVarious Ports along the Chesapeake
Flower1950’sTakoma Park
Ford’s320 W.Fayette St1870’s1950’sBaltimore City
Forest (Forest Pk)3306 Garrison Blvd1910’s1960’sBaltimore City
Fort Ave1930 Baltimore City
Fort Holabird1930’s1940’sBaltimore County
Fort Howard1930’s1960’sEdgemere
Fort HoyleAberdeen P.G.
Fort MeadeFort Meade
Fort WashingtonFort Washington
Fox100 Market Street1940’s1950’sPocomoke City
Frederick3436 Frederick Rd1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Frederick108 N. Market1920’s1950’sFrederick
Fremont504 N Fremont Avenue19001950’sBaltimore City
Fulton 1536 N Fulton Ave1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Garden Pk
Park Ave & Lexington St1928Baltimore City
Garden185 Main Street1920’s1920’sAnnapolis
Garden1100 1/2 S. Charles
( 7 West Cross Street )
1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Garden125-27 N.Mechanic1940’s1950’sCumberland
Gayety405 E Baltimore St1900’s1960’sBaltimore City
Gem714 East Baltimore Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Gem1930’s1930’sEckhart Mines
Gem538 W. Main1930’s1950’sEmmittsburg
Gem1930’sSnow Hill
Gertrude McCoy1563 N.Fulton Avenue1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
GilmoreGilmore Street1900’s1920’sBaltimore City
GlenBalto.Annap.Blvd NW1930’s1950’sGlen Burnie
Globe 412 East Baltimore St1928 1939 Baltimore City
Globe510 S. Broadway1920’s1920’sBaltimore City
GlobeBroad Street1920’s1950’sBerlin
GlymontIndian Head
Goldfield924 South Sharp Street1970’sBaltimore City
Goldfield913 Warner Street1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Goodtime1401 North Milton Ave1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Gordon2435 W Baltimore Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Govan’sYork Rd Nr Rossiter1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Grand400 E Balto St1910’s1920’sBaltimore City
Grand511 South 3rd 1920’sBaltimore City
Grand515 S Conking St1910’s1980’sBaltimore City
GrandMain Street1950’s1950’sFriendsville
Greenbelt129 Centerway1930’sPresentGreenbelt
Guest Opera HouseChurch Hill
Guild12 W 22nd StreetBaltimore City
Gwynn4611 Liberty Hgts Ave1930’s1950’sBaltimore City
Hampden911 West 36th Street1910’s1970’sBaltimore City
Hartzer’s Opera House512 2nd Street1900’s1920’sOakland
Harford2616 Harford Rd1910’s1960’sBaltimore City
Hassinger’s Daisy1754 N Gay Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Henry’s7 South Potomac Street1930’s1950’sHagerstown
Highland3829 Eastern Avenue1940’s1950’sBaltimore City
Highland225 South Highland1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Hill610 Cherry Hill Rd1940’s1970’sBaltimore City
Hilton3117 West North Ave1910’s1950’sBaltimore City
Hippodrome12 N.Eutaw St1910’s1980’sBaltimore City
Hiser7414 Wisconsin Av19281977Bethesda
Hiway1814 Earhart Rd1940’s1980’sMiddle River
Holman’s Opera HouseFriendsville
HollywoodOregon Avenue1930’s1990’sArbutus, Md.
Hoppes1930’s1930’sFishing Creek
Horn2016 West Pratt Street1900’s1970’sBaltimore City
Howard115 N Howard St1900’s1980’sBaltimore City
Harlem 616 N. Gilmore St1930’s1970’s Baltimore City
Hull1444 Hull Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Huntingdon225 West 25th Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore City
Hyattsville5612 Baltimore Avenue1930’s1950’sHyattsville
Ideal903 West 26th Street1900’s1960’sBaltimore
Ideal1930’sUnion Bridge
Idle Hour223 North Howard Street1910’s1930’sBaltimore
Idle Hour104-6 Main Street1930’s1930’sDarlington
Imperial226 W. Potomac1920’s1952Brunswick
Irvington4113 Frederick1920’s1970’sBaltimore
Jean913 Warner StreetBaltimore
Jewell719 West Baltimore St1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Jr. O.U.A.H. HallRock Hall
Kane1105 North BroadwayBaltimore
Kaywood2211 Varnum Street1950’s1950’sMt Rainer
Keith’s (Keith’s Garden)114 West Lexington St1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Keith’s New GardenPark & LexingtonBaltimore
KentMain Street1940’s1950’sMillington
KeystoneGay StreetBaltimore
Ki- Yi O Motion Picture Parlor50 N.  Main Street1900’s –1910’sWestminster
Laffmovie31 W. Lexington St
Lafayette1433 West Lafayette1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Lane60 Dundalk Avenue1960’sDundalk
Langley8014 New Hampshire Avenue1952Langley Park
Laurel314 Main Street1920’s1950’sLaurel
Leader248 South Broadway1900’s1950’sBaltimore
Leader214 Virginia Avenue1920’s1950’sCumberland
Lee6th & Main Street1940’s1960’sCrisfield
Lenox2115 Penna Avenue1910’s1960’sBaltimore
Leoden311 Main StreetBoonsboro
Lexway31 W. Lexington Ave1939Baltimore
Liberty24 North Liberty1920’s1950’sCumberland
Lincoln HighwayWashington Blvd1920’s1920’sBaltimore
Lincoln ( No.1)936 Penna. Ave1910’s1970’sBaltimore
Lincoln (No.2)941 Penna Ave19281931Baltimore
Lincoln ParkRockville
Linden900 W North Ave1930’s1960’sBaltimore
Linwood902 South Linwood1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Little523 N Howard St1920’s1980’sBaltimore
Little Pickwick312 West Lexington1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Lloyd226 Virginia Ave1920’s1940’sCumberland
Loew’s Century18 West Lexington1920’sBaltimore
Loew’s Parkway3 West North AvenueBaltimore
Loew’s StanleyHoward & Franklin1930Baltimore
Loew’s Valencia18 West Lexington1920’sBaltimore
Lord Baltimore1114 West Baltimore St1910’s1970’sBaltimore
Lord Calvert2444 Washington Blvd 1930’s 1950’sBaltimore
Lord Calvert1625 Harford Rd1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Lubins404 East Baltimore St1900’sBaltimore
Lyceum210 High Street1920’s1950’sChestertown
Lyceum1930’s1950’sSparrows Point
Lyric130 W.Mt Royal1890’sPresentBaltimore
Lyric 411 Main Street  1920’s 1950’sCrisfield
Lyric1940’s1940’sFishing Creek
Lyric24 South Main Street1930’s1950’sFrostburg
Lyric9 N. Frederick Ave1930’s1940’sGaithersburg
MagnetMain  Nr. ConduitAnnapolis
Majestic320 S Broadway1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Majestic608 Columbia1920’s1960’sMt Savage
MaradaTalbot Street1930’s1960’sSt Michaels
Marlboro133-35 Main Street1940’s1950’sUpper Marlboro
Marva115 Market Street1930’s1950’sPocomoke City
Martin’s HallGlen Burnie
Maryland322 West Franklin Street1900’s1940’sBaltimore
Maryland37 North Mechanics1920’s1960’sCumberland
Maryland19 S. Potomac Street1930’s1950’sHagerstown
Maryland51-63 3rd1930’s1950’sOakland
Masonic Hall1920’sChesapeake City
Masonic Opera HouseBelair
Mason’s Opera House55 Washington Street1930’sSnow Hill
Masonic Temple1930’sTowson
Majestic (Brodie) 1130 Light Street1928Baltimore
Majestic608 Columbia & Main1930’s1950’sMt Savage
Mayfair508 N. Howard St18701980’sBaltimore
McHenry1032 Light Street1910’s1970’sBaltimore
MeadeFort Meade Base1930’sFort Meade
Mechanic –
Morris Mechanic
Charles Center1960’sBaltimore
Mechanic’s HallSharp & Liberty1930’s1950’sRock Hall
Memorial Hall1930’sMiddletown
Met 1524 West North Ave1930Baltimore
Methodist Church1930’sEllerslie
Metropolitan1524 West North Ave1920’s1970’sBaltimore
Midland68 Main Street1940’s1950’sMidland
MidwayOld Eastern & Kitty Hawk1940’s1960’sBalto.Co.
Middle Rver
Milo120 Commerce1930’s1950’sRockville
MillvilleEarly 1930’sOakland Mills
Milo120 Commerce Lane1930’s1950’sRockville
Monogram228 Pine StreetCambridge
Monroe1924 West Pratt St1930’s1950’sBaltimore
Morrell ( Morrell Park) 2536 Washington Blvd1910’s1930’sBaltimore
Mt Airy1930’s1950’sMt Airy
Mt Lake Park1930’sMt Lake
Mt Royal617 West North Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Music Hall1910’s1930’sEaston
NationalMain Street1940’s1950’sGrantsville
National1401 E. Monument StBaltimore
Nemo 4817 Eastern Ave1920’s1970’sBaltimore
NewBelair Avenue @ Rt. 4019191970’sAberdeen
New210 West Lexington St1910’s1980’sBaltimore
NewMain St1950’sBerlin
Newearly 1930’s1930’sChesapeake City
New225-29 Virginia Ave1920’s1950’sCumberland
New102 North Main Street1920’s1940’sElkton
NewMain Street1930’s1950’sGreensboro
NewMain Street1930’s1950’sHancock
New703 Main Street1930’sMt Savage
NewEast Main Street1930’s1950’sSalisbury
New1950’sSolomon’s Island
New Albert1230 Penna AveBaltimore
New ArcadeCrisfield
New Brodie1118 Light St1920’s1920’sBaltimore
New Crescent1110 S. Charles St1910’s1910’sBaltimore
New Crescent1509 West Lafayette1910’s1910’sBaltimore
New Dowell1950’s1950’sDowell
New Easton1930’s1950’sEaston
New EssexEssex
New Garden1930Baltimore
New Gem617 Duncan Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore
New Glen128 N. Crain Hwy19411980’sGlen Burnie
New Goldfield’s924 S.Sharp St1920’s1920’sBaltimore
New Lincoln1930 1939Baltimore
New LyceumChestertown
New Pickwick115 N. Howard Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore
New Preston1108 East Preston St1920’s1920’sBaltimore
New Preston1930’sPrincess Anne
Nickleodeon316 Dover Street1910’s1910’sEaston
NickelodeonBaltimore Street1910’s1910’sCumberland
Nixon’s Academy44 W. WashingtonHagerstown
Northeast153 Main Street1930’s1950’sNortheast
Northway6701 Harford Rd.1930’s1970’sBaltimore
Northwestern1056 Penna Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore
NorthwoodHavenwood Shopping CenterBaltimore
Oakland Opera House1910’s1910’sOakland
Opera House229 Prince George1900’s1910’sAnnapolis
Opera House1910’s1910’sBelair
Opera House1920’sBoonsboro
Opera House18-20 Railroad1890’s1910’sBrunswick
Opera House9 Race Street1920’s1938Cambridge
Opera House177-78 Commerce St1920’s1950’sCentreville
Opera House1920’s1930’sChester
Opera HouseChurchill
Opera House114-118 Main Street1920’sCrisfield
Opera House114-18 North Street18671920’sElkton
Opera House68 (130) N. Market1930’s1950’sFrederick
Opera House301-302 Main St1930’s1930’sFederalsburg
Opera House835 E. Union1910’s1910’sFrostburg
Opera House – Holman’sFriendsville
Opera HouseUnion AvenueHavre de Grace
Opera HouseChurch StreetMiddletown
Opera House224-225 Broadway1920’sMidland
Opera House1930’sNew Windsor
Opera House1930’sNortheast
Opera House1910’s1910’sOakland
Opera House1930’sOxford
Opera House1910’s1910’sRockville
Opera House1930’sSalisbury
Opera House34 Water StreetSmithsburg
Opera House55 Washington St1910’s1920’sSnow Hill
Opera House1940’sSt Leonards
Opera House1930’sStevensville
Opera House140 S Main StWestminster
Opera HouseWilliamsport
Opera HouseWoodsboro
Orpheum2303 Jefferson St1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Outten55 Washington St1910’s1920’sSnow Hill
Outten’s “Colored” TheatreCommerce Street19461950’sSnow Hill
Overlea6805 Belair Rd.1920’s1950’sBaltimore
Pacy’s Garden 1100 1/2 S.Charles S1910’s1939Baltimore
PalaceMain StreetAnnapolis
PalaceHoffman & Gay Sts1910’s1950’sBaltimore
PalaceSecond & Main1930’s1930’sDenton
Palace33 East Main Street1930’s1960’sFrostburg
Palace9 S. Potomac St1930’s1930’sHagerstown
Paramount6650 Belair Road1940’s1970’sBaltimore
Paradise1600 N Washington1900’s1910’sBaltimore
Paradise1727 Fleet Street1900’s1910’sBaltimore
Parish Hall1930’s1950’sSolomon’s Island
Park 1105 N. Broadway19301939Baltimore
Park2269 Fulton Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Parkside4705 Harford Rd1920’s1920’sBaltimore
Parkway5 West North Avenue1910’s1980’sBaltimore
Pastime2028 Greenmount Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Pastime407 West Lexington1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Pastime15 Dover Street1910’s1910’sEaston
Pastime17 Conocoheague Williamsport
Patterson3136 Eastern Avenue1910’s1980’sBaltimore
Patterson1202 Laurens Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Patapsco603 Patapsco Avenue1940’s1970’sBaltimore
Peabody11 East North Avenue1900’s1920’sBaltimore
Pen MarMain St1920’s1950’sCardiff
Pen Mar1930’sPen Mar
Pennington 4911 Pennington Ave1920’s1960’sBaltimore
People’s404 East Baltimore St1920’s1920’sBaltimore
Perry Point3rd At North Avenue1920’s1950’sPerryville
Pic756 Washington Blvd1939Baltimore
Picture Garden31 West Lexington1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Pictorial3310 East Baltimore St1910’s1931Baltimore
PikesReisterstown Rd1940’s1980’sPikesville
Pimlico5132 Park Hgts Ave1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Playhouse189 Main Street1920’s1980’sAnnapolis
Playhouse9 West 25th Street1940’s1980’sBaltimore
Playhouse102 North Main Street1920’s1940’sElkton
Plaza1105 North Broadway1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Plaza ( Lubin) 404 East Baltimore St19281939Baltimore
PlazaLexington Park
Pleasant Hour2871 N. Fulton1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Poplar613 Poplar Grove1910’sBaltimore
Port36 Main Street1940’s1950’sPort Deposit
Port17 Conocoheague StWilliamsport
Preston1108 East Preston Street1910’s1920’sBaltimore
Preston363 Somerset Ave1930’s1940’sPrincess Anne
Prince George6104 Central Ave1920’s1950’sCapitol  Hgts
Princess1517 East Eager St.1910’s1920’sBaltimore
PrincessSomerset Avenue1940’s1950’sPrincess Anne
Princess17 ConocoheagueWilliamsport
Purity227 South Highland1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Queen 666 West Lexington St1900’s1930’sBaltimore
QuittenSnow Hill
Radio629 N Eden St1930’s1950’sBaltimore
Ravenscroft’s Opera House112-118 E. Union Av1900’s1930’sFrostburg
Real Art (Realart)719 West Baltimore St1910’s1960’sBaltimore
Recreation Hall1930’s1950’sIndian Head
Republic187 Main Street1920’s1950’sAnnapolis
Red Men’s19311931Boonsboro
Red Men’sMorris Street19101940’sOxford
Red Mill1510 W Lafayette1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Red Wing 2239 E Monument St1910’s1960’sBaltimore
Red Wing717 Washington Ave1910’s1920’sLaurel
Regent1627 Penna. Ave.1910’s1970’sBaltimore
Rendevouz1340 Main Street1940’s1960’sHampstead
Rex4617 York Rd1930’s1970’sBaltimore
RexSt Mary’s
Rialto846 West North Avenue1910’s1960’sBaltimore
Ridgely101-2 2nd Street1930’s1950’sRidgely
Ringler’s1930’sMt Airy
Rio1529 E. Monument St1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Rio375 George St & 1st1930’s1950’sChesapeake City
RioS. Division StSalisbury
Rio1950’s-Snow Hill
Ritz1607 N Washington St1920’s1960’sBaltimore
Riverside718 Railroad Ave1930’sGreensboro
Riverside32 Main Street1930’s1940’sPort Deposit
Rivoli418 East Baltimore Street1900’s1950’sBaltimore
Rock Point1940’sRock Point
Rockville Opera House1910’s1910’sRockville
Roosevelt512 West Biddle St1920’s1960’sBaltimore
Roxy 2239 E Fayette St1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Royal1329 Penna. Avenue1920’s1970’sBaltimore
Royal 1940 West Pratt St1910’s1920’sBaltimore
Royal1930’sSparrows Point
St Mary’sLeonardtown
San Toy66-68 E. Main @ Star1930’s1950’sLonaconing
Schanze2426 Penna. Avenue1910’s1950’sBaltimore
Seco402 Montgomery Ave1910’s1930’sRockville
Seco310 Commerce Ln1910’s1910’sRockville
Seco8242 Georgia Avenue1920’s1990’sSilver Spring
Senator5904 York Rd1930’sPresentBaltimore
Showell126 N.Division St1930’s1940’sOcean City
Silver8606 Colesville Rd1940’s1950’sSilver Spring
Solax1204 West Baltimore St1900’s1920’sBaltimore
SquireBelair Ave @ Rt 40Aberdeen
St Mary’s1940’s1950’sLeonardtown
Stam’s Hall1910’s1910’sChestertown
StanleyHoward & Franklin Sts.1920’s1960’sBaltimore
Star71 Calvert Street1920’s1950Annapolis
Star1529 Monument St1910’s1939Baltimore
State2045 East Monument St1920’s1960’sBaltimore
State9 St Paul Street19451950’sBoonsboro
StateRace Road19381952Cambridge
State372 St John Street1930’s1950’sHavre de Grace
StateMain Street1930’s1950’sThurmont
State46 (48) W. Main  St1950’sWestminster
State17 N.Conococheague1950’sWilliamsport
Strand101-111 S.Liberty1920’s…………………..1960’sCumberland
Strand404 N.Howard St.1910’s1910’sBaltimore
StrandShipping Place1980’sDundalk
Strand1309 Francis Street1930’s1930’sHalethorpe
Superba908 Columbia Ave1910’s1930’sBaltimore
Suburban3057 West North Ave1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Sun1930’s1950’sRising Sun
Takoma4815 Eastern AvenueBaltimore
Takoma6833 4th Street1920’sTakoma Park
Taneytown1 West Baltimore Street1950’sTaneytown
Teddy Bear1741 East Baltimore St1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Temple Opera House1910’s1910’sCrisfield
Tilghman’s1930’sTilghman’s Island
Times1709 N.Charles StBaltimore
Tivoli20 W. Patrick1920’s1950’sFrederick
Tome ( School )1930’s1940’sPort Deposit
TowerCharles Center1960’s1980’sBaltimore
Town315 West Fayette St1910’s1980’sBaltimore
TowneMain Street1950’sMiddletown
Town HallBowens
Town Hall1930’s1940’sLaPlata
Town Hall236 Washington1930’sLeonardtown
Town Hall1930’sLibertytown
Town Hall1930’sMillington
Town Hall1930’sPrince Frederick
Town Hall1930’sSolomon’s Island
Towson512 York Rd.1910’s1980’sTowson
Uptown5010 Park Heights Ave1940’s1970’sBaltimore
Vagabond102 East Monument1920’s1920’sBaltimore
Valencia18 W Lexington St1920’s1950’sBaltimore
Victor1900 Frederick Rd1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Victoria415 East Baltimore St1900’s1940’sBaltimore
Victory1017 Patapsco Ave1940’s1970’sBaltimore
Victory1940’sPaxtuxent River
Viers Mill1950’sRockville
“Vilgar”1945 ?Middle River
Villa120 Commerce Lane1950’s1960’sRockville
Vilma 3407 Belair Rd1920’s1970’sBaltimore
Vogue31 West Lexington Street1940’s1940’sBaltimore
Walbrook3300 W North Avenue1910’s1960’sBaltimore
Warner’s Academy Theatre44 West Washington St.1930’sHagerstown
Waverly3211 Greenmount Ave1900’s1960’sBaltimore
Waverly Hall1930’sPoolesville
Welch41 Main Street1930’s1940’sWesternport
Westend1603 West Baltimore St1910’s1920’sBaltimore
Westport2305 Russell St1940’s1950’sBaltimore
Westway5300 Edmondson Ave 1930’s1970’sBaltimore
W.G. Nowell1930’sShady Side
WicomicoS.Division St.1930’s1970’sSalisbury
WillouSt Johns Street1910’s1920’sHavre de Grace
Wilson418 East Balto St1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Windsor3113  West North Ave1940’s1950’sBaltimore
Windsor1930’sNew Windsor
Windsor 206 Atlantic Ave ( Boardwalk )1930’s1930’sOcean City
WintersWinters Lane1940’s!940’sCatonsville
Wizard215 North Eutaw Street1910’s1910’sBaltimore
Wolf Hall1940’sLeonardtown
World31 West Lexington Street1940’s1940’sBaltimore
York2022 Greenmount Ave1920’s1930’sBaltimore
“Theater names” are as many names that the theaters were known as,  through the years,  that I could find listed. Movie Theaters tended to change names often, so you could open the same theater under several names. The ” Opened ” and “Closed” dates are those that I found references to , namely the Opera Houses, and are not exact – The web site is ALWAYS BEING UPDATED
Addresses tend to change over the years. In fact, some street names may have changed as well. I have done the best I can with street addresses, but you might find a completely different street name or address if you search.
“Opened” days are when there are first year listed in the Film Daily Yearbook. “Closed” dates are when they are no longer listed. In the 1950’s, the Film Daily Yearbook stopped listing individual theatres, so the dates are a bit vague. See Dr. Headley’s book ” Exit “or his book ”  Motion Picture Exhibition in Baltimore ” for exact dates.  If the “Closed” date is in red,  the building , or most of it has been razed since it was closed.

Some of the smaller old movie houses and can be found at this link ( below )

and some of the newer ( after 1950 ) theatres can be found at this link...