Marydel Train Station – Maryland

Caroline County , Maryland
Pennsylvania Railroad

Before you notice ( and it won’t take long ) , these are NOT the same building. I have found two images for the old Marydel Station, and looking at the roofline, it’s apparent one of them is mislabeled. The top image is from the Maryland Historical Trust, and they have been kind enough to allow us to use the image. This is the picture I believe is in fact the old Marydel Station. The second image is from a collection of 1970-80’s era postcards, and I don’t believe it’s the station, but I’m still digging. I think the second image is of the East New Market Station that was moved to the town years ago, and later moved back.

From what I can tell, the station was used as a Junkyard office for years South of Marydel and fell into disrepair over the years and is no longer standing. 

Above Photo – Courtesy of Maryland Historical Trust

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