Trappe Train Station – Talbot County, Maryland

Pennsylvania Railroad
Still looking for it

Any help would be appreciated !

Trappe, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, gets a little confusing. I’ve read in more than one place that the town of Trappe was skipped over and never actually had a train station. However, the book Rails Along the Chesapeake , an excellent book about railroads on the Eastern Shore not only mentions the station, but have an old photograph of the Tudor style building from back in the day. I have also heard of the station known as Trappe/Oxford
 which we have on the website, but it’s not the Tudor style building I was looking for. Then I came across the 1970s era postcard seen at the top of the Trappe Train Station. Sadly, I have not yet gotten an address for it, so we’ll be slowly driving the Town soon, looking for it. Stay tuned. We’ve also heard of a Tudor style station in the Town of Queen Anne’s, but more that one later as well.

      Update We haven’t quite located the old station yet, but here’s a bit more information, which might cut down on the confusion. The station is Trappe was actually a bit North of Town, and was often known as “Trappe Station”. I’m hoping that might help in the search, but we shall see.

I found a map with the location of the ” Trappe Station”, and it also appears the ” station” we have noted might not be the station. It appears to be just to the East of where we have marked the station stood, but a canvas of that area has failed to locate a building that resembles what we are looking for. And the mystery continues…….

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