Easton Train Station(s) – Talbot County , Maryland

Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad
Delaware & Chesapeake Railroad
Maryland & Delaware Railroad
Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railroad (Bottom of page)
Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad

P.B.&W. Building below is standing and appears to be in fine condition – Used by a business.

Current photos of the P.B.&W. railroad station, no longer used as a train station, it is currently occupied by a business. In 1889, the station was listed as located on West Avenue, between Goldsborough & August St. For many years, the area, which also housed a freight station, was known as “Railroad Park”.

Station Two – Baltimore,  Chesapeake & Atlantic  Station
South Aurora & Maryland Avenue.

Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Station site now a empty lot. I found an old news article from 1932 that seems to be the year this old station closed down , with railway traffic being directed to the Pennsylvania railroad Station. 

Google Maps view of the site of the old station.

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