Abbey Lane / Lane Theatre – Dundalk , Maryland


Abbey Lane / Lane Theatre 

60 Dundalk Avenue

Dundalk, Maryland

   The Abbey Lane ( Lane Theatre ) is located at 60 Dundalk Avenue, in Baltimore County. After being used for 20 years as a movie theater, the Abbey Lane finally closed in the 1960’s. For a long time, the building was used as a Good Will, but recently it has been used as a mattress store. The building has quite a “1940’s style front”,  and must have been quite a sight when it was a movie house.  Both the picture above and below are of the Abbey Lane, also known at times simply the Lane Theater, were taken back in the 1980’s, when the building was used as a Goodwill Store. The last time I rode by the area, the building was an auto parts store, and had been used as a mattress store for years.