Woodville Train Station –

Charles County, Maryland

The photo below is of the Gallant Green Store, located on Woodville Road in Charles County. The Woodville stop was likely a flag stop a few miles up towards Brandywine. I know the Gallant Green Store was a part of the train stop, but I’m not sure if there was another part of the structure for train traffic or if this was it.

Woodville Maryland along the train tracks.

We were able to do some further research, and found that in 1904, Woodville was a ” Flag Stop ” which means the stop was likely just getting off the train without a station. The stop was two stops South of Brandywine , and one stop South of another ” Flag Stop ” in Cedarville Maryland. After Woodville, the train continued to Gallant Green ( 8 minutes away ) and then on to Hughesville Maryland. Trains were listed as ” Mixed ” , meaning they carried both passengers and freight.

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