Woodbrook Train Station – Baltimore County, Maryland

Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
No longer standing

Woodbrook Station was on North Charles Street just North of the current City / County Line. The exact location has been marked by railroad tracks that cross the roadway and enter into the gas station lot. The picture we have comes from a selection of old Maryland and Baltimore Train stations that some one took the time to make into black and white postcards.

In 1920, there was a story in the paper where a young lady missed the train out of Pennsylvania Station, in Baltimore City. According to the story, she was able to catch a taxi can and the Taxi was able to overtake the train before it approached Woodbrook Station. In the early days of the train, there was a race between a horse and a train, in which the train won.
Also in 1920 a freight train and passenger train has a head on collision on a sharp curve near the Woodbrook Station, resulting in the death of two train workers, and multiple injuries.

In 1926, there was a uproar over storage tanks that a gas company wanted to build next to the Woodbrook Station.

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