Whaleyville Train Station – Maryland

Worcester County, Maryland
Wicomico & Pocomoke RR
There’s just enough written about the Whaleyville Train Depot to add the the confusion of it’s fate. I found the nearby Willards, Pittsville and Parsonsburg stations, but finding both a photo and/or location or where the old station is now hasn’t been easy. From what I can tell, the station was moved years ago, but from what I am reading, the old building was converted to a residence, and is very difficult to identify as a old station. One reference I found for the old station dates back to 1871, for a train schedule for the Wicomico & Pocomoke Railroad, mentioning that the train leaves Salisbury at 340 pm, for Pittsville , Whaleyville and beyond.
In 1902 , we found a train schedule for the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railroad Company. It listed Whaleyville on the route to Ocean City from Claiborne, with the next station being St. Martins and then Berlin, before going on to Ocean City. The train left Claiborne at 950 AM on the Chesapeake Bay and arrived in Whaleyville at 1217 PM.

In1911 – A special train made a stop in Whaleyville to address farmers with tip on growing crops. The same special train made stops at various depots along the Maryland and Delaware lines.
In 1921 – There was a real estate sale of land near the road that lead to the Train Station in town.

I’ll keep looking………

Map – Maryland Historical Trust

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