VanBibber Train Station – Harford County, Maryland

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Designed by Frank Furness
Built in 1886 – Razed

For this station and my research of a few of the other Baltimore & Ohio Stations, the research is pretty simple. An insurance map shows where a station stood in the area in Harford County. When I match a street name in that area which pulls up to the B&O tracks (Now CSX tracks) I figure the station must have been in that general area. A look at google maps from above gives me that aerial overlook, and that usually helps. I found a few old photos of stations from the B&O that are very likely what I was looking for, but I’d love more info on this old station buildings. I’m real curious why they were built where they were and what happened to them. I’ve checked the area of VanBibber Rd and the tracks, and once again found some old buildings and homes, but no old train station or anything that looks like an old station. I’ve read that sfter trains stopped by the principle mode of transportation, many of the old stations were left to rot, many burning down during the depression as people tried to live inside them, and setting fires inside them, only to burn the buildings down. The tracks were also realigned, which meant in order for the trains to travel at faster speeds, many of the old station buildings got in the way and the stations were torn down to make the tracks straighter and faster.

Van Bibber Road, near where station would have been

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