Baltimore City Train Station – Evergreen Station

Baltimore & Lehigh Railroad
Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad ( Ma & Pa Railroad)

I’ve always wondered about this one, and so far research has found few answers. The picture above shows the Ma & Pa train leaving North Avenue along Falls Road, and is Captioned ” Evergreen” but recent information found disputes that. First there was no station in that area, except for the Ma & Pa Freight Station just to the South. The train in this photo is near the old roundhouse, currently used by Baltimore City as a salt house for bad weather in the winter. However, just to the North , near present day Cold Spring Lane is a small neighborhood that went by the name ” Evergreen”, which would place it along the Railroad route and would make more sense. However, I have yet to find the answer and will keep looking…..
One clue – Evergreen Station, which if it existed was very small and may have just been a flag stop, is listed on the schedule as being nearly 3 miles from the North Avenue Station , and 1/2 a mile from Notre Dame Station, which was to the North.

MORE Information found ——-
Finally found an article or two about the ” Evergreen Station” It appears the old station was along the Ma & Pa Railway, just north of Cold Spring Lane. The station stood in the area near the rear of the current Royal Farm Store, which is now the parking lot of the Bolton Street Synagogue. We also found a few old Real Estate ads for properties along Cold Spring Lane from the 1880’s to 1900’s which mention how close the station was to the real estate for sale.
The only news item we could find was a News Article from 1903 where a man had died while waiting for the train he was waiting for to Towson.
An ad from 1919 lists the Evergreen Station as a place to store coal. It also lists a Roland Park Depot as well. ( Notre Dame Station ?).

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