Still Pond Station

Kent County, Maryland Kent County Railroad

Still Pond Station – Maryland

On the ride to Betterton Beach, you’ll likely go through the Town of Still Pond. It’s a neat little Town, and you’ll be through the Town before you know it. I was surprised there had been been a small train station for Still Pond, and I have not yet to locate the site of the station, which on a map shows the location of “Still Pond Station”, which usually indicates that the actual station is just outside of town, along the train tracks. I haven’t heard anything about the status of the station, although it looks like it is no longer standing.

A account from 1888 shows a tornado went through Still Pond, and flattened a factory near the Town, killing 11 people. Most of those killed were in a canning factory where the workers were from Baltimore. The article mentions the Still Pond Station as being two miles away from Still Pond. The Town got it’s name from a pond nearby that reportedly never froze, of which the bottom of the which had yet to have been discovered and was about a quarter of an acre in size.

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