Sewell / Harford Station – Harford County, Md

Harford – Sewell Station – B&O Railroad, Md

I had a photo of the Harford Station for years, but could never figure out where exactly it was. The station was called Harford Station in earlier years, but in later years, went by the name of Sewell Station, and was along the B&O line in Harford County, south of the Belcamp ( McGaw’s ) Station. Nothing at all is along the tracks today , although CSX still uses the line.

Many of the references for the Sewell Station come from somewhat unusual references. I have yet to find a good web site or book noting all old Maryland Stations, alhthough there are a few on various train lines. Living only a few miles from the old Sewell Station, I can find only a little reference to the station, but a little is better than none. There was a court decision from about 1910, in which a subject slipped on ice at the old train station and filed a lawsuit. I’m not sure how that lawsuit went, but I’ll try to find out. In a book entitled ” Maryland Geological Survey – Volume One” , from 1897. In a nutshell, the book describes geology and mineral resources of the State of Maryland. Sometimes, it is books like this which I find the most information. Simply a reference to an old station shows me the station was standing and being used during that year. In the book, mention is made of a ” geodetic Station” situated about a mile from the Sewell Train Station, along the B&O Train Line. The Geodetic Station was a bit to the East, in Abington, on a hill formerly known as “Dallam’s Folly”. We found reference to the station in the 1892 ABC Pathfinder Shipping and Mailing Guide and later in the 1922 Bullinger’s Postal and Shippers Guide also lists Sewell Station for that year. There is a reference to the ” Complete Promoucing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary for the World , which came out in 1922. Has a notice for Sewell , showing a post village of Harford County of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad , where the banking point is Belair, with a population of 150.

Street Sign in “Sewell” Area of Harford County, Maryland

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