Rogers Station – NCRR

Baltimore County Maryland – Northern Central Railroad

A Train depot along the Northern Central Railroad , between Lystra Depot to the West and Brooklandville Depot to the East. Tracks went along more or less present day Hillside Avenue . Nothing that we can find remains of this station today. Many of the articles I’m finding about Roger’s Station are referring to the neighborhood of the same time and not the Train Depot, but I’ll keep looking,

In 1886 there was a shooting after a fight near the station that appears to have been fatal.
In 1893 , a hunting accident near the station resulted in one teenager going to the hospital.
In 1900, several ” summer ” homes were broken into near Roger’s Station, in which property was taken away in a wagon.
In 1911 & 1920 – funerals had parties attending same meeting at Roger’s Station to meet for the service.
In 1916 – the station was apparently robbed , which resulted in a shoot out and with police and the death of one of the suspects. The article mentions a “Yeggman”, which I believe means a safecracker. A Detective from the railroad was also shot although there are no accounts on how he did after the incident. Upon further research, the Post Office and Rogers Station were robbed by the “Yeggman” who cracked the safes using nitro-glycerine.
In 1921 – Several men were “righting” a turned over cart, when they were approached by a woman near Roger’s Station, in Baltimore County, who said she had just been shot in the head by an attacker.

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