PenMar – Blue Ridge Summit – Buena Vista Train Stations – Just over Penna State Line.

Kilduffs is all about Maryland, but the Western Maryland Railroad line out to Western Maryland creeps over the State Line to service three stations, which we decided to include on this page.

Blue Mountain  Station – WMRR

In 1886 – Blue Ridge Summit had a heavy snow fall problem. 
In 1912, there was a train crash near Blue Ridge resulting in one death.
Likely this is the same crash mentioned below for Penmar in 1912.

Buena Vista Station – WMRR

From what I can tell, the building is still standing and used as a library. We intend to get up there ASAP to get some pics.

PenMar Station – WMRR

For Blue Ridge Summit, an article regarding a snow storm in 1915 mentioned how the snow had large drifts and snow drifts and cold weather and snow drifts were issues for the train as it was snowbound.

Penmar apparently had a train crash in 1912.

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