McDonough Train Station – Baltimore County

McDonough Maryland Train Station
Baltimore County – Maryland
Western Maryland Railroad
Unknown Status

The more I research the old McDonough Station , the more I find no answer as to what has happened to the structure. I have searched the area a few times with no luck, although I know it was in the area of McDonough Road and the Western Maryland railroad tracks. I did find a study from the mid 1970’s that did shed some light, a study mentioning the impact the building of I-795 might have on the old station, which at that time was being used as a residence. The study mentioned that most of the options of building the Interstate Highway would involve moving or tearing the old train station down. The Owings Mills stations a few miles down the path were also involved, but seemed to escape being torn down. My gut feeling is the Mcdonough Station wasn’t quite as lucky, but I have yet to find the decision made for the old station made back then. Guess I’ll just keep looking……
Just to the South of the old Station was Mt Wilson Station, along the Western Maryland Train tracks.

1913 – Train Crash – between passenger train and Freight train – 12 hurt as a result.

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