Magnolia Station – Maryland

Harford County – Pennsylvania Railroad

Someone was good enough to send us a old pic of the Station. ( No name given to Thank )
Area of Magnolia Station , Magnolia Maryland

There’s actually a lot written about this old station, although I have yet to find a photograph or history of what has become of the old train Station.
Thank you to the reader who recently sent the above photo. Gilmor’s Raid, during the Civil War, where several trains were burned occurred here, and I’ve seen mention the station was burned as well, but that’s about all I can find regarding that chapter in American History. The Gunpowder Bridge just south of the Station did burn as well.

In the late 1800’s, Magnolia was a popular spot for people to take the train out of Baltimore City and relax in the Magnolia Park, which was just outside of the station. I actually found a nice description of the Park several years ago, but has luck would have it, I have misplaced it but I’ll keep looking for it. The Park had Magnolia trees and people would go there to picnic.

Area of Magnolia Station, Harford County, Maryland

The tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad are now used by Amtrak and are closed off by tall fences, and for good reason. Some of the trains that go by here come up on you very quickly and will wake you up if you stand too close. The site is also very close to the Aberdeen Proving Ground property, so access can only be reached from the “Public Side”. In the photo above, the right side of the photo is where the tracks are, and it’s my assumption that the station was somewhere in the area of Fort Hoyle Road where it comes up on the tracks and suddenly turns. If I can find an old map of the station, I post what additional information I can find.

Magnolia, Harford County, Maryland

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