Loreley Station

B & O Railroad – Baltimore County , Maryland

Along the B&O line northeast of Baltimore. In 1891, the area was shown as a State Encampment for the Maryland National Guard. There was a B&O Railroad Excursion train for people to watch the training of the National Guard in Loreley. According to the article, the area was ideal for camping with only the sound of the trains breaking the peace and quiet. The area overlooked the deserted part of ” Joppa “, which was still standing to a degree.

in 1891 there was an excursion train that left Philadelphia to Loreley, with the train leaving the station at 933 AM. The train would pass through Havre de Grace at 1101 AM, Aberdeen : 1107 AM, Stepney : 1109 AM, Van Bibber 1116 AM, Joppa :1122 AM, Bradshaw : 1124 AM and finally end up at Loreley ” Avenue” at 1127 AM.
In 1913, an agent for the B&O Railroad at Loreley Station came up missing for two weeks, around February 24, 1913. The 18 year old agent said she was going into Baltimore City to get some clothing, and later advised she had been choroformed by a woman in her 50’s while walking along Eutaw Street. Apparently she had left with a young man to Baltimore and returned by with the same young man. Regarding the incident, she advised family that all she remembered of the incident was a “Steeple with a clock” opposite her window, and after that her mind was blank.

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