Lansdowne Station – Maryland

Baltimore County
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

From what I can tell, the old Lansdowne Railroad Station is no longer standing. I have to do a little more research, but I have yet to find a trace of the Station that was just southwest of Baltimore City. Sometime back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, “someone” drove around the State and took pictures of all the train stations he could find. Some of the pictures appear to come from books, but most of them were actual photos. While the quality of the pictures weren’t always the best, they do show an account of the old stations that survived in the State. On the back of these photos, a Postcard format was printed. Anyone have an idea who this person(s) was?

Update Thanks Steve

Saw your Lansdowne Station pic.  That was located at the
northwest corner of Hammonds Ferry Road and 2nd Avenue, south of the
cabooses that had sat in a row for years.

The building does not appear in 1953 aerial photo.  It was razed in
2018, and is survived by its concrete slab foundation, and concrete flag
pole (?) block.  

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