Hursley Station – Stockton Maryland

Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railroad
Worcester County, Maryland

On the Lower end of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the town of Stockton is a few minutes from the Virginia border. There had been a train station here years back, but nothing of the old station remains today. The town does however have a “Train Station Road” off of the Main road.

In researching Hursley, we found some information : An Excursion Train leaving Franklin City , Virginia to Ocean City was scheduled in the following years that we found . We found references from 1911 to 1915, and I believe earlier than that . The Station was listed between Franklin City , Virginia , just 8 minutes south of Hursley and Girdletree to the North , 7 minutes to the North. I believe the Excursion Trains went back to around 1889 .

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