Hillen Station

Baltimore City – Western Maryland RR
Build in 1876
Closed – 1954

Thank You to Larry Fussell

Opened around 1876 – Built by Baltimore City
In 1923 – An agent “disappeared” with a bag of money meant for the bank.
1935 – Man from Westminster (Md.) attacked the engineer causing the train to derail and crash into a shed.

1948 – Hillen was down to 6 passenger trains a day from 42 trains when it first opened.
1951 – The ride between Hillen Station and Pennsylvania Station was like ” running a gantlet of crashing glass”. The story went on to tell of the Preston Street Gang, who used the breaking of train windows as part of the gang’s initiation.

1954 – The Station was finally closed – Only one passenger train was using the Station at that time. The freight office was moved to the building below, which was under the “Viaduct” and later torn down years ago.

After Hillen Station was torn down, the railroad used this building for a few years.

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