Frederick Road Station – Baltimore

Baltimore & Potomac Railroad, Baltimore City

One of the smaller railroad stations in Baltimore, it was located in the area of Frederick Road and Poplar Grove. The tracks now have a bridge overhead and it’s hard to even see the railroad tracks below, which still carry Amtrak trains, which are usually traveling at fast speeds.

I found a few old references to the Frederick Road Station in old papers from around 1880 to about 1900. After that the references seem to stop. In 1880, the station is mentioned in a real estate ad for property in Irvington. One ad mentions that it is near the Baltimore & Catonsville Railroad. In 1894 , a real estate ad sells a property near the station known locally as ” the village of Carroll ” .

The last reference to the small Frederick Road Station that I could find was in 1900 was reporting the death three men who jumped off a train because they feared being arrested and fell under a moving train . There is no trace of the old station.,

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