Fallston Train Station – Harford County, Maryland

Maryland  & Pennsylvania  Railroad

I haven’t seen much written on the old Fallston Station. I traveled to the area and found what I believe was once the old station. It is currently being used by a plumbing company. In an article from 1892, A farmer hand age 52 was killed by a train engine near the old station . He was crossing the train tracks and didn’t hear the whistles that were being blow to warn him of the oncoming train. He was crossing the tracks in a carriage with horses when he was struck and killed.

In 1890, a Court Case was filed in regards to a milk wagon for damages when the wagon crossed the tracks. 1886 a snow storm made passage for the train line difficult, with roads being impassable. In 1891, a civil lawsuit was filed against the railroad , claiming $30,000. for the loss of a husband.

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