Croom Station – Maryland

Prince George’s County – Upper Marlboro Area
Pennsylvania Railroad

I pass this area once a week and did a little investigating……Passing over Croom’s Station Road, I figured there might be a Railroad station somewhere in the history of the area, and it appears I was right. I followed the road and never found anything that resembled a train station, but I did find tracks that appear in good condition and seem to still be in use. I’ll try to dig up some more information. The 1911 U.S. Geographic Board mentions that the station should go under the name of of Croom and not Croome Station. The station would have been 44 miles south of Baltimore, Along the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad.

In the same area, you can find Croom Airport Road, which I’m digging into. Also in the area is Duley Station Road, which also crosses the railroad tracks, but research so far has not found a railroad station under that name.

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