Bynum Station – Harford County, Maryland

Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad

Don’t have a picture yet, and still not sure of the status. This station was North of Belair. I’ve heard that it was still standing but altered much over the years in a residence, but checking the area I found nothing I thought was an old station. I’ve also read that others also believed the station was not longer standing. The 1911 U.S. Geographic Board mentions that the station should go by the Bynum, and not Bimans, Binum or Bynums.

In 1886, Plans were in the works for a road traveling out from the Bynum Depot area.
Two Years later in 1888, A snow storm made travel even by railroad difficult as snowdrifts made the trains late by 4 hours from Delta Pa. to Belair, with the largest snowdrifts being near Bynum Station. 
A schedule for the Maryland and Pennsylvania in 1891 showed the Bynum Station between Belair Station and Forest Hill Station. Both those stations were about 6 minutes away by rail travel. 
In 1892, Uriah Johnson was killed at the Bynum Train Station , reportedly by Eli Turner. The Court came down with a Sentence for Manslaughter in this matter.    

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