Bolton Depot

Baltimore City
Northern Central Railroad

As I learn more about the old railroad stations of the State, I find more and more that I just didn’t know about. I know many who know a lot of the railroad history know well of this old depot, I’m still learning about it. Corrections and a drawing or photo would really help….hint hint.

1851 – Larger locomotives were now being used between Calvert Station & Bolton Depot.
1854 – Children were hurt playing on the tracks.
1857 – President Elect Buchanan passes through the Bolton Depot on his was to DC.
That same year, an ad for a stray pig found at the Depot is listed.
1858 – Child Struck by train, serious injury a result.
1858 – A conductor is shot getting off the train at the end of his shift. No updates found regarding his condition.
1859 – Bales of hay in a wagon next to the Depot catch fire and burn.
1859 – A subject is arrested by Police at the Depot, in reference to a assault with a rock.
1859 – A passing train at the Depot scares a horse, which causes injury to it’s rider.
1860 – A train wreck at the Depot injures two.
1860 – An excursion to Rider’s Grove along the NCRR is advertised.
1860 – The Prince of Wales was reportedly travel through Baltimore and Bolton Depot. It appears the Prince was traveling through Calvert Station instead, but a crowd showed up anyway.
1868 – A watchman is killed at the Bolton Depot by a train.
1872 – Person killed on tracks at Depot.
1882 – 1884
Talk of replacing the Bolton Depot is in the paper often. Plans are in the works for a Mount Royal Avenue to replace the aging Depot.
1893 – Watermelons, that were becoming a popular fruit to eat at the time, are arriving at Bolton Depot.

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