Bengies Station – Baltimore County , Maryland

Pennsylvania Railroad

Old railroad maps show a station in the area of Baltimore County, known as Bengies. Near the area where the Bengies Drive in is. There is a small newer MARC station near Glenn L. Martin, not sure if that was where this older station had been located.

        In 1891, President Harrison went to Bengie’s, near Bengie’s Station to go duck hunting. He ended up “bagging” 13 ducks. In 1913, people in the area of the Bengie’s Station noticed trains on the B&O tracks marked Pennsylvania Railroad. That was a result of a accident on the PA RR tracks that had trains from both railroads sharing the B&O tracks. In 1910, The U.S. Geographic Board  mentioned that the same would go under the name Bengie’s, and not Benjie’s. I have yet to see the station called Benjie’s, but you never know.

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