Bel Alton Station – Maryland

PRR – Pope’s Creek Line – Charles County Maryland
Once known as Cox Station

Bel Alton – Maryland

The Old Station from what I can tell has been long gone. The Tracks still go through town, but the picture above of the tracks going through town do not show the station. In 1910, in a publication by the U.S. Geographic Board, it was mentioned the station should go by the name of Bel Alton and not Cox or Cox Station, the earlier name the station went by. In 1880, the station went by the name of Cox’s Station and was along the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad. To make it a little more confusing, there was also a Station along the Queen Anne’s & Kent Railroad in 1880, in Queen Anne’s County known as Cox’s Station as well, which was 13 miles outside of Centreville.

1878 – Cox Station made the news when a lady was traveling and bought a First Class ticket, but found herself placed in a baggage car instead. The ride was not good and she was injured on the trip. The railroad stated passenger cars did not travel all the way down to Pope’s Creek Station, and as she was traveling in an area that passenger cars were not used, it was the only recourse they had. The case was heard in Charles County Court and the lady apparently won the case.

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