Bare Hills Station – Baltimore County , Md.

Northern Central Railroad

Bare Hills Station was in the general area of Lake Roland in the path of Falls Road. The building no longer stands. It was South of the Hollins Station along the same route. Hope to have more information for you, but at least this is a start .

From what I understand, the Lake Roland Light rail stop is where the Bare Hills station once stood.

1907 – An ad was posted in a local paper of property lost at the Bare Hills Station.
1911 – a man drowned near the station along the train line.
1913 – a woman was attacked by a man near the station.
1915 – Residents of the area were complaining of disorderly gangs in the area, and were asking for help officials.
1929 – Found a real estate ad making mention to the Station.
1950 – A man was struck and killed by a passing train at the station.

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