Cambridge Train Station – Dorchester County, Maryland

Dorchester & Delaware Railroad (1880’s)
Cambridge & Seaford Railroad (1880’s-1910’s)
Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad (1910’s)
Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railroad (1910’s)
Pennsylvania Railroad (1930’s – )

Near intersection of Maryland Avenue and Trenton Street
In area often called “East Cambridge”
Close to Cambridge Creek

Just Starting on highlights for the Cambridge Station –

After Serving as a train station – it was used as a bus depot and then a Real Estate Office.

In 1889 – a man was killed on the tracks near the Cambridge Depot.  The newpaper article mentions that the man struck was deaf.

There was also a freight warehouse for the Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad on the Choptank River in the 1910’s near the Steamboat Wharf.

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