Maryland Motels Under N-O-P

Because our collection of old Maryland Motels is so large, we decided to cut the Web pages into groups. Long Web pages of multiple postcards tend to get boring, so this page will only have postcards of the Letters N O & P. We have several other webpages for the other old Motels of the State.

New Motel – Baltimore, Maryland
The New Motel is still standing although no longer used as a Motel.

New Marlboro Motel – Upper Marlboro, Maryland
I actually think the New Marlboro is still standing, although looks like a rooming house these days. The Parking pad and porch are gone, but I see a building along 301 that resembles this old Motel .

Nick’s Airport Inn, Hagerstown, Maryland
I’m not sure the status of this one .Anyone ?

North Avenue Motel – Baltimore, Maryland
This Motel is still operating.

Oak Terrace , Eden , Maryland
Not sure the Status of this one ?

Oakcrest Motel – Perryville, Maryland
This Hotel is still operating, under a different name I believe.

Oceanic Motel – Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean Park Motel – Ocean City, Maryland

Open Hearth – LaPlata Maryland
I don’t believe the Open Hearth is still there.

Oakland Motel – Oakland, Maryland

Park Silver Motel – Silver Spring, Maryland

Park Pleasant Motor Court – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Park Towson Motel – Towson Maryland

Parkway Manor – Jessup, Maryland

Parkway Tourist Center – LaPlata, Maryland

Peter Pan Motel – Frederick , Maryland

Pierre Motel – North of Baltimore Rt 40
I don’t believe this one is still there.
Pilot’s Motel – Baltimore, Maryland
Still operating under a different name.

Pin-Del Motel – Laurel, Maryland

Pines Motel, Ocean City, Maryland

Planation Motel – Newberg, Maryland

Point View Inn, Oakland, Maryland

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