Lord Baltimore Theatre

1110 West Baltimore Street , Baltimore Maryland

We are working to move much of the information of the Lord Baltimore Movie Theatre from over old site ( Kilduffs.com ) to this site Kilduffs.Net. We plan to add a bit of different material however.

At last check, over a year ago, the old theatre building was still standing, but was very close to the growing campus of the University of Maryland Medical System, which has been growing a lot in the past several years.

In 1915 – Ads showed the opening of the Lord Baltimore Theatre.
In 1918 & 1919 – there were several small classified ads for personal property lost in the Lord Baltimore Theatre. Items included necklaces, keys, glasses, and a umbrella. ( We found few ads for lost property at other Baltimore Movie Theatres – Makes us believe perhaps the lost property all belonged to the same person perhaps )
Also in 1919, a young lad was arrested for disorderly conduct inside the movie theatre. I believe he was using the theatre screen for target practice for his toy gun.
In 1921 – There were plans to add an addition to the theatre , where storefronts were being added to the front.
By 1947, an ads for a nearby liquor store used the nearby Lord Baltimore Theatre as a reference point, probably not a good sign for the theatre.
In the mid 1950’s, The Lord Baltimore Theatre placed ads for help at the Candy Counter, and ushers, as well as for janitors.
In 1958 ” Rodan” was playing at the Lord Baltimore.
In 1972, Space was available to rent in the upper floors of the movie house.

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