Baltimore Police Stations

Baltimore City is currently divided into nine Police Districts. They are numbered so that Central District is One, Southeast is two, Eastern is Three, Northeastern is Four, Northern is Five, Northwestern is six, Western is Seven, Southwestern is Eight and Southern is Nine. Several of the Districts have also had “sub-stations” over the years. The photo above is of the old Baltimore City Police Headquarters, which was torn down to finish the ramp from southbound I-83 to Fayette Street.

As the City has grown and the boundaries of the City have changed over the years, the Districts and their boundaries have changed as well. The old Eastern District just a block off of Broadway is actually in the SED , and the Old NED District is actually today in Eastern District. Most of the old station houses were rebuilt in the 1950’s and most of those buildings are still being used.

Central District – The old Central District was located years back on Saratoga Street. I believe it was near the intersection of Holiday Street, but I’m not quite sure of that.

Headquarters – Downtown Baltimore : I believe back in the day, Headquarters worked out of the Downtown Circuit Courthouse. I read that for years Detectives would respond to City Courthouse for assignment, but after the need grew, a Baltimore Police Headquarters Building was built on Fayette Street near Front Street, behind the War Memorial Building. The building was torn down years ago and the site is now the exit ramp of I-83 at Fayette Street.

Southeastern District : The Old Southeastern District was located in a section near Canton. The building, which still stands, is located on Toone Street.

Southeastern – Also listed as the Southeastern Substation.

Eastern District : below.

Northeastern District : Ashland Avenue ( below )

Northern District – Keswick and 33rd Street

Northwestern District – Pennsylvania Avenue

Western District – Pine Street ( Below )

Southwestern Police Station


Southern District Police Stationhouse

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