Stepney Train Station – Harford County, Maryland

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Designed by Frank Furness
Built 1886 – Razed

Another one of those old stations where little info can be found. I actually found more info for a station in Great Britain under the same name ( looked nothing like it ) , but for now I believe this old Station stood for years south of Aberdeen Maryland. I checked the area of Stepney Road near the B&O tracks, and did find a few older homes back there, but no station and the tracks are fenced off from view. 

In 1911, Harford County had 9 stops/stations listed for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Stepney being one of them. By 1958, only one was listed in Harford County for the B&O, and that’s the Aberdeen Station. 

Above, this is about as close as you can get to where the old train station stood. It was torn down years ago, and Stepney Road ends right where it pulls up to the CSX Tracks, once the B&O Railroad tracks. We found references to the station is a 1892 Shipper’s Guide, and a 1922 Pronouncing Gazetteer, by J.P. Lippincott, along the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, with it’s “Banking Point being Aberdeen” and the town having a cannery.

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