Costen Train Station – Maryland

Penna Railroad, Maryland

I just started working on this page, but an article I found stood out and I wanted to get it posted. In 1917, two ten year old girls boarded the train in Pocomoke City, When they presented the tickets, the conductor, who knew one of the young ladies, noticed it was just the two young girls traveling and no one else in the party. He was ale to wire the parents and advised the girls had left home, without permission, and wanted to go to Philadelphia to see the ” City Lights”. The conductor put them off of the train in Costen, and from there they walked home to Pocomoke City.

In 1928, the railroad cut back on the hours of operation for the small station, The decision did not go by well with local residents and farmers.

In 1944, the body of a older woman was found on the tracks near Costen Station and believed to have been struck by a passing train.