Rt.1 Maryland Old Motels

Kilduffs Look at those old Motels from the 1930’s to 1960’s found along Route 1 from Washington DC to Baltimore. Some of ther Motels shown are actually on Rt. 1 , but are ” just off the beaten path”, AKA very nearby.

Park Silver Motel – Silver Spring, Maryland
Wayside Motel – Jessup, Maryland
Washingtonian Motel
Royal Pine Cabins – Laurel, Maryland
Park College Diner – College Park, Maryland
Interstate Inn – College Park, Maryland
Canary Trailer Park & Cabins – Berywn, Maryland
Justa Tourist Cottages – Stewart’s Modern Cabins – Berwyn, Maryland
Canary Trailer Park – Berywn, Maryland
Haass Haven – Berywn, Maryland

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