Special – Old Jazz Posters

In looking through the many piles of material my grandfather had, I found some old jazz posters, while not in the best of condition, very interesting none the less. Does anyone have any information regarding these old posters, I can’t find anything online. Each one measures about 14″ by 28 “. Contact us at KilduffsTheatreIndex@gmail.com

The Whispering Song ( When the Pussy Willow whispers to the Catnip ) two Fox Trots Art Landry and his Orchestra

Wedding March from Lohengrin and Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Details of the above poster.

The Best There Is Paul Whiteman Roger Wolfe Kahn Jack Shilkret International Novelty Art Landry George Olsen and his music Victor Records

Fox Trot Played by Jack Shilkret’s Orchestra Victor Records 19922

“Put Your Arms Where They Belong”, “Within the Prison of My Dreams” Two Waltzes. Jesse Crawford with Nat Shilkret and Victor Orchestra 20368.

Two Fox Trots ” The Chant” and “Black Bottom Stomp”.Jelly-Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers Victor Records 20720

“Barbara” ” Miss Annabelle Lee”

“Neapolitan Nights”,” Allah’s Holiday” Two recent compositions Victor Salon Orchestra.

I’m Telling the Birds , Telling the Bees Jack Smith Victor Records Poster 20372

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