Great Wizard Theatre

Baltimore, Maryland

In moving over the pages to this site, I had to put the Great Wizard Theatre at the head of the line, for this simple but very effective ad from 1911. There was another theatre that went by the name of the Wizard Theatre and was on North Eutaw Street. This theatre was actually at 30-34 West Lexington Street. in the same block as the much larger Century Theatre.

In 1910 – The Great Wizard was one of three theatres in Baltimore to show Roosevelt’s African Exhibition. The other two theatres showing the film were the Maryland Theatre and the Victoria Theatre on East Baltimore Street. Also in 1910 , The ” Little Wizard” in the same block of the Great Wizard closed it’s doors as the little parlor had become to small. An ad was placed in the paper that the “Wizard” on West Lexington Street was no longer and patrons should look for the “Great Wizard” theatre.
In 1911 – The Great Wizard was mentioned in an article of limiting crowds at theatres, and making sure everyone watching the show was seated. Police were demanding everyone be seated but the managers of the theatres wanted the right to allow people to be able to watch shows from the back while standing.
In 1913 – The theatre renewed the lease of the building to stay open and show movies.
In 1920 – The theatre reportedly installed a new pipe organ.

Seems to be the front of the New Wizard Theatre after renovations in 1919. Owned by the Parkway Theatre Company, that might account for why it looks so much like the Parkway Theatre.

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