Dentonia Theatre

Denton, Maryland

Dentonia Theatre – Denton Maryland

For years I though I had found the old Dentonia Theatre in Denton at Second and Main, until a reader advised me that the picture we had posted was not the old theatre, and that the theatre had been torn down. Futher research found that the Dentonia had replaced a smaller theatre building on Market Street in town which was still standing.

1937 – ” Born To Dance” by MGM was the show for the day in January. Other ads for that month found in the paper were for the Ridgely Theatre in Ridgely and the Reese Theatre in Harrington, Delaware..
In 1942 – ads were found for the movie ” The Old Homestead”
October 17, 1942, Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin had a speech at the Dentonia Theatre for all Carolina County voters. It was called a Mass Meeting and Rally.
In 1945 , there was a free children’s matinee, with short subjects from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & company.
In 1953, there was again a children’s matinee at the Dentonia Theatre.
In 1954, the theatre advised they had installed ” CinemaScope”
In 1959, an ad was listed that the Dentonia Theatre would ” reopen”.
It appears the theatre would close in April of that year and reopen in the Fall.
By the early 1960’s, ads for the Dentonia Theatre were no longer listed.

Earlier theatre – Market Street – Denton Maryland

This is a short version of the Kilduffs.Com page for the Dentonia Theatre in Denton. To see the complete page, check the link here. We also have information on the old Denton Train Station. In doing our research, we have collected a few Main Street postcards of Denton as well. Denton also has one of the nicest old banks buildings we have seen in Maryland.

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