Blue Mouse Theatre

28 West Lexington Street, Baltimore
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Located at 28 West Lexington Street, in downtown Baltimore. There were several smaller theatres in the around from the 1910’s to the 1920’s. The larger Century Theatre and Keith’s Theatre one block West managed to attract most of the business in later years.
In 1914 – The Theatre was sold to the operator of the nearby Picture Garden Theatre.
In 1921 – The Blue Mouse was part of the Herbert Hoover Children’s Fund.
It was a plan to help starving children in Europe at the time. Also that year, I believe the theatre was the Defendant in a case where a customer ripped his pants in the theatre, and sued the theatre. The case was dismissed without any payment being made.
“House of Quality ” and ” Home of Pipe Organ” was mentioned in many the theatres ads.

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