Belnord Movie Theatre – Baltimore Maryland

2700 Pulaski Hwy. ( East Baltimore)
2706 Philadelphia Road

The Belnord Theatre is still standing but hasn’t been used as a movie theatre for years. The building as been converted to a drug store, mattress store and grocery store over the years and even was painted over in yellow paint at one point. I recently saw that the building was undergoing another recent conversion, but I’m not sure what it was becoming this time.

* In 1922 – Music was provided by the “Broadway Ladies Orchestra”, from Wildwood, New Jersey.
In 1923 – the theatre was showing the film ” The Little Church Around the Corner”
In 1932 – the theatre was showing “One Hour with You” starring Maurice Chevalier.

In 1943 – showing in July was ” The Human Comedy” starring Mickey Rooney.
In 1957 – showing was ” Naked in the Sun” and
“Undersea Girl”, in early December.
In 1962, two films at the Belnord were “Spendor In The Grass” , with Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood, and Jerry Lewis in ” The Errand Boy”.
In 1969 – The theatre was showing a X Rated film called ” Therese and Isabella”

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