Avenue Theatre – Baltimore

Avenue Theatre 

1401 Milton Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland

The Avenue Theatre ( AKA – Good Time Theatre ) was a small movie house in East Baltimore. The theater appears to have been operated for many years, and check of  listings found it operating throughout the 1910’s as the Good Time, and in the 1930’s, the name changed to the Avenue Theatre, which was the theatre’s name until the mid 1950’s , when it appears to have closed down. Formstone has taken over the front of the building, and it has since been converted into a church. The Avenue sat about 300 , and seating might have expanded a little over the years.

Just heard from someone who lives in the block where the Avenue Theatre is located . Apparently part of the old theatre had been torn down back in the 1980’s. He remembers the construction work of the church and seeing a section of the building being torn down and being able to look inside and seeing the screen of the old movie house.  At this point, we’re not quite sure just how much of the old Avenue Theatre is still standing and what has been rebuilt.