Astor Theatre – Baltimore

Astor Theatre
612 Poplar Grove Street
Baltimore, Maryland

   The Astor Theatre ( AKA : Poplar Theatre / Popular (sic)  was one of several movie houses found along the Edmondson Avenue coridor, in West Baltimore City.  The Astor is often  listed as being located at the corner of Poplar Grove and Edmondson Avenues , but it is actually on Poplar Grove about a block north of Edmondson, at the triangle of Poplar Grove and Franklintown Road.

The old Theatre  has been used a a supermarket since it closed back in the 1960’s. The building has undergone many renovations over the years, and the original entrance has been bricked over, with a new entrance now on the north corner. There are a few reminders that the building was once a movie theater however. On the facade of the theater, a white stone has engraved ” ASTOR ” which over the years has faded, but is still readable. On the rear of the building is a old painted sign for the theater where you can clearly see ” POPULAR  THEATRE ” but that’s about it. The Astor was listed in the Film Daily Yearbook between 1930 to the mid 1950’s, and in late 1920’s as the Poplar, showing a seating capacity of only 200.


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