Old Maryland Movie Theatres

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Old Maryland Movie Theatres The ones still standing.


Baltimore’s Apex Theatre is still standing, although the marquee is now gone. For years the Fell’s Point theatre was one of a few “Porn” theatres in Baltimore,but the internet has cleared out the audiences over the years. Also located on Broadway in Fell’s Point are the Broadway are the Broadway, Cluster and Leader Theatres, all still standing but all converted to other uses.

On the other side of town, an Art Deco gem, the Ambassador Theatre sits, vacant for years and showing it’s years of neglect.

Dundalk’s Abbey Lane theatre, located on Dundalk Avenue has been converted to several uses over the years.

In nearby Turner’s Station, the Anthony Theatre is currently being used as a church.

North Avenue in the center of “Baltimore North” has seen two old theatre buildings restored. The Centre Theatre, which had been vacant for years was restored (not as a movie theatre) as was the Parkway Theatre. A third less known old movie house, the Aurora, is just a block to the East, and is currently used as a church.



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