Look at Stonework found around Baltimore City

Ok…Ok, it took longer than I thought it would. But Kilduffs is finally posting the start of the Kilduffs.Net stone page.

Spotting the Stonework around Baltimore is easy, you just have to look. I was driving along several years ago, and noticed the Stone Details for the Crown Cork and Seal Building on Guilford Avenue, a few blocks South of North Avenue. Since then, I’ve uncovered lots of Stone faces and details most people miss. 

Downtown Baltimore is the best bet for finding good Stone details. You have to move towards Howard Street and away from the areas have have been redeveloped over the years.  Above, detail found on the old Town Theatre on Fayette Street.

Above and Below, details from the old Hutzler’s Palace downtown. 

Details like found on the Hutzler Building can also be found on the Crown Cork and Seal Building

The Old Douglas High School on Calhoun Street has a few nice stone details. 

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